Mindset: The key to Your Potential

March 20, 2013
This is a very interesting video about the mindset required to succeed in just about anything.

The Badass Mindset

February 22, 2013
Your mind can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally. How can you keep focused on your goal and get your mind working for you? 
  •  Tell yourself you're getting leaner everyday, you're strong, you're a champion, YOU ARE A BADASS! Lie to yourself if you have to because eventually you will believe it.

  • Write down your goals and your reasons for wanting to accomplish them, what will it really mean to you? What if you don't not accomplish your goals? What will that mean? How will you feel when you really are what you con sider Badass? 

  •  Find a source of motivation and plug in regularly, maybe its a video, or photos of people with awesome physiques, maybe its certain music, find something that makes you feel like a Badass.

  • Realize that there will be days when you just don't want to be a Badass. Just go through the motions and realize this is temporary, Badasses have days like that occasionally, that is why they put their habits on autopilot! :)

  • Find something to do that takes your mind completely off your goals and your life, that could be playing a game, reading fantasy novels, a hobby etc. Something where you are not listening to the voice inside your head all day. 

  • Get together with like-minded Badasses and do a training session, or find other Badasses on the internet. There are tons of forums and sites you can go to for support and information.
  • Stay positive, its easy to get cranky and get a "poor me" mindset when your hungry and dieting, realize you choose to do this and when things are tough and you just want to quit, think about it, then what? what are your choices really? You can eat whatever you want or skip your workouts, just realize there are consequences. Smile and be happy, being a Badass is fun!
  •  Be yourself, maybe your quirky, or funny, or a little forgetful, or maybe your ultra organized and a little neurotic, whoever you are, own it. Its you and its so much more fun to be yourself, then to try to be someone else. Be your own Badass self.